Fundile Ntuli

Company overview

Ubank has a history dating back to 40 years as a financial services provider that has managed to entrench itself primarily within the gold and platinum mining communities. Ubank still has a strong presence and customer accessibility in selected South African mining and rural communities. Despite its positioning as the ‘worker’s bank of choice’, the bank services the broader market in South Africa.

Educational highlights

Fundile Ntuli a Chartered engineer has a post-graduate diploma and a part Master’s in information systems and has completed the Advanced Management Programme through UNISA. Mr. Ntuli is a Certified Information Systems Auditor, a member of the British Computer Society and Engineering Council (UK).

Career highlights

Mr. Ntuli’s career started at ABSA as an IT cadet in 1994. He joined Standard Bank four years later. His first formal role in management was with Zurich Financial Services in 2004. He returned to ABSA to head up its entry-level banking technology before a post as a senior manager for financial systems at Postbank. He joined Ubank in 2010.

Mr. Fundile Ntuli is a Chartered Engineer, holds a post-graduate diploma in Information Technology and has also part Management Development Programme. He is a Certified Information Systems Auditor and a member of the British Computer Society and Engineering Council (UK). Mr. Ntuli’s career started as an IT cadet for a bank in 1994. He has since held diverse and progressively senior roles with the financial services, telecoms, and logistics industries. He is also a member of the EDO and RTC technical subcommittees of PASA.


Recent achievements

Mr. Fundile Ntuli won the Two Coveted Top Awards under Financial Service sector of CEO Global’s Titans: Building Nations, 2018 Awards:

 Country Winner;

 Regional Winner SADC SOUTH 2018-2019. As a Regional Winner, he also won the Continental Award; and

 SA IT Visionary of the year 2016 Nominee.


Evolution of role

According to Mr. Ntuli, it’s more about how a business would like to operate as a business than about the technology. “Enabling technology can only be of optimum use if it is supported by sound business knowledge,” he explains. “The role of a CIO is definitely now frontline and strategic and must ensure the application of technology is aligned with the requirements of the business.

“The pace of change is increasing exponentially. We need to rise to the challenge to identify, adapt and apply what the business needs and satisfy both an insatiable customer appetite for technology and the evolution of customer relationship management methodologies.”

Strategic technology vision

Mr. Ntuli believes that technology is ‘disappearing’ as its adoption becomes embedded in every facet of life. “People use technology without thinking,” he says. “There is and will continue to be a proliferation of intelligence.” Ntuli describes a scenario where there will be diverse technology applications, all of which will be converged over one or two interfaces across a wide spectrum of devices. He believes competitive advantage will lie in strong analytical ability. “Banking must also be affordable and highly accessible, taking into consideration customer personalization, regardless of their specific financial scenarios.”

A disruptive force in my industry

Look out for the Internet of things and the ever-increasing impact of digitization in general.

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