Preventing Cyber Crimes and Augmenting Cyber Security

Preventing cyber crimes through a more efficient cyber security framework is a step closer to achieving socio-economic excellence and environmentally friendly operation parity.

The need for cyber security personnel and regulatory bodies to start working more closely together in order to share and leverage cross-functional knowledge that can help improve security, is now more pertinent.

Africa currently hosts some of the fastest growing economies in the world and the entire continent is set for a huge economic transformation.

Cyber attacks on businesses around the world are on the rise, and Africa is not spared. These attacks cost businesses productivity, revenue, and client trust — not to mention the personal security of its patrons.

Fraud prevention is becoming an issue that regulators and top banking executives who are saddled with management responsibility, daily. When fraudulent activities takes place, it has a devastating effect on the individual and the company.

The digital economy is developing at lightning speed, and with it a new challenge has appeared, along with the economic and strategic stakes that go with it: this new danger is cyber crime.

This is why MJDVent International will be organizing a conference christened African Cybersecurity and Fraud Prevention (ACFPF2020) between 6th – 7th May, 2020, in Lagos, Nigeria.

The ACFPF2020 will look at how to tackle cyber-threats in African banking and businesses in general.

Given the role of ICT in Africa’s rapid economic growth, cyber security breaches and attacks have the potential to slow down economic growth and development.

It is urgent and important to drive spirited conversation on Africa’s Industrial Control Systems security.

These systems are critical systems that need special attention against cyber threat.

The conference will focus on overcoming cyber threats faced by governments, banking and financial institutions, health sectors, higher education institutions, etc. 

The forum provides an unparalleled gathering of cyber security industry giants, government, academia, information security professionals from Africa and international community.

By bringing together representatives from all facets of Public Sector, this forum will create an opportunity for idea sharing, collaborative strategy development and the continued creation of a Community of Interest that will ultimately benefit the sector.

African Cyber security and Fraud Prevention Forum 2020

See key industry experts take to the stage as they host specialist sessions and panel discussions around the African cyber security industry.

Join us in Lagos, Nigeria for the African Cybersecurity and Fraud Prevention Forum 2020!

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Governance and ICT4D Expert
A governance and ICT4D expert with more than 10 years’ experience in Public Sector Management Reforms and the role of information technology in corporate and government.
General Manager
Currently, Vice President & General Manager for Africa at BBC Studios seconded from London to set up the company’s first African office.
Senior Presales Specialist - Business Analytics
James is currently the Senior Presales Specialist - Business Analytics (covering BI + Predictive Analytics + GRC) at SAP.
Head of Customer Segments, Retail and Business Banking
VP & Head of Customer Segments, Retail and Business Banking at Barclays Bank - Kenya
Head of Quality Assurance, Customer Experience
Head of Quality Assurance, Customer Experience at Commercial Bank of Africa
Country Head of Cards- Sales
He was formerly the regional sales manager and currently occupies the position of the country head of cards – sales.
Head of Customer Experience
An astute change agent with combined proficiency in Strategic business growth, Customer Experience design, Enterprise Customer Feedback Management, Continuous Improvement.
Chief Operating Officer
Charles has worked as a specialist with MTN communication and a director, corporate communication and strategy (West Africa) at Verreaux Technologies Limited.
Chief Customer Experience Officer
Ijeoma is the Chief Customer Experience Officer at SV Gaming (trading as Betking), a disruptor in the Gaming industry in Nigeria.
Awadhesh is currently the CTO, Tydacom and is a renowned expert in Telecom networks, data center management, OFC layout, Antenna design Innovation, UHF/VHF communications, computer networks, managed services operations.

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