The Future of Cyber Security and Fraud Prevention in Africa

Fraud Prevention in Africa

Implementing resilient fraud prevention strategies and developing cyber security skills for a sustainable Africa is unarguably the future.

Africa is faced by several Internet-related challenges in relation to security risk, intellectual property infringement and personal data mining and trust issues.

Cyber crime is a growing global phenomenon, which, according to a report by Symantec in 2013, is increasing at a rapid rate in Africa than in any other continent of the world.

Indeed, cyber security experts estimate that 80 percent of personal computers on the African continent are infected with viruses and other malicious software.

Cyber criminals target people in and out of their national boundaries and most African governments have neither the technical, nor the financial capacity to target and monitor electronic exchanges deemed sensitive to national security.

Consequently, African countries need to urgently scale up efforts to combat cyber crimes through a multi-stakeholder approach involving government, industry and civil society organizations.

Cyber criminals have long considered Africa as a fertile place to commit their cyber crimes unchecked.

Statistics indicate that Africa is prone to cyber-related threats due to the high number of domains with very weak network and information security.

As cyber-attacks become more prevalent and the volume and sensitivity of data stored online increases, most industries concerns, naturally will grow at an exponential rate.

Hence, the future of African businesses lies in cyber security and fraud prevention. Mitigating the adverse effect and putting in the necessary modalities to cushion cyber risks on the continent.

The African Cybersecurity and Fraud Prevention Forum 2020 will address these growing pressures and concerns in the industry. With a lofty aim of identifying the challenges involved with keeping businesses and data secure from threats.

The event brings together stakeholders in the private and public sector to learn on the important developments, key trends, cutting-edge technologies and discuss the latest risks and threats facing African industries.

Speakers from leading cyber security firms and government agencies across Africa and beyond will engage to find new ways of fraud prevention.

Knowing fully well that today’s IT security and cyber-security leaders need knowledge, insights and inspiration to conquer information security threats and enable intelligent security decision-making.

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James is currently the Senior Presales Specialist - Business Analytics (covering BI + Predictive Analytics + GRC) at SAP.
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Head of Quality Assurance, Customer Experience at Commercial Bank of Africa
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An astute change agent with combined proficiency in Strategic business growth, Customer Experience design, Enterprise Customer Feedback Management, Continuous Improvement.
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Charles has worked as a specialist with MTN communication and a director, corporate communication and strategy (West Africa) at Verreaux Technologies Limited.
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Ijeoma is the Chief Customer Experience Officer at SV Gaming (trading as Betking), a disruptor in the Gaming industry in Nigeria.
Awadhesh is currently the CTO, Tydacom and is a renowned expert in Telecom networks, data center management, OFC layout, Antenna design Innovation, UHF/VHF communications, computer networks, managed services operations.

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